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.:Welcome to my page!:.



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Feb 9, 2016
9:22 am
Feb 9, 2016
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Feb 9, 2016
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Feb 8, 2016
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Feb 8, 2016
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Ultimate Fluff Contest!

Mon Dec 21, 2015, 5:18 PM

Dun dun DUNNNN! Contest Time. I haven't hosted a contest
in quite some time, and this will probably be my last one for
a very long time. So this is your final chance to get some
awesome prizes! 8D

Please read everything so you know what you'll be getting!
There are a LOT of prizes! :la:

Also, I 'd really appreciate it if you spread the word. >u<

Sir Bate by Supperfrogg by RhylemEllie By Supperfrogg by RhylemNonsurat by Rhylem  Cite  Com  By Supperfrogg-d9a0cmv by RhylemDragato icon by Rhylem by Rhylem Gordon by Luliyoyo by RhylemRamset By Luliyoyo by Rhylem Callan By Supperfrogg-d9aa07m by RhylemGordon Jr. By Luliyoyo by Rhylem Atka By Supperfrogg by Rhylem GraveLuliyoyo by RhylemLes  Com  By Supperfrogg-d9a2s8u by Rhylem 

Subject :star:

The subject for this contest is extremely simple! Fluff!!

All I require is something fluffy and cute! As you may, or may not know, I'm a totally sucker for fluff of my characters.
Snuggling, hugging, comfort, bonding, protectiveness- anything that'll get me saying

So the only thing I'm looking for is the cutest, fluffiest piece of work of my characters!!!!!!

Kade icon by Rhylem Emma by Rhylem Arthuricon by Rhylem 1 by RhylemAlba By Supperfrogg by RhylemNull By Whiteoutarts by RhylemDr Mends Pixel Art Icon By Meta Kaz by Rhylem Atler By Whiteoutarts By Rhylem-d83szx1 Zpsmjjeni9 by Rhylem Bullet By Luliyoyo by RhylemElliot By Supperfrogg by RhylemGao by RhylemMarlo by Rhylem by Rhylem

Gordon1up by Rhylem  Rules  Bate1up by Rhylem

:bulletblue: Fanfics are allowed. It must, however, be
1200+ words or more to count. 

:bulletpurple: Absolutely no bases/tracing. If I catch you ripping from
another artist, you will be disqualified. Same goes for fanfics. >|

:bulletblue: No crack shippings/ OOC please. 

 :star: Your entry will be judged on the following things :star:   

:bulletorange: Effort

:bulletgreen: Quality

:bulletorange: Concept/Originality-
Standing out from the norm.

*I do understand that many users may not have access to fancy paint programs 'n
what not. Remember that even though you will be judged on quality, concept is a huge
factor that plays in it as well. (Stand out and be different!
Catch my attention like no other.)

Bate 8 bit by Rhylem  Deadline  Bate 8 bit by Rhylem

February 25th

:star:  Judge  :star:


:star: Prizes :star:
*Please read everything regarding prizes!

:iconcolorfulsparklesplz:1st place::iconcolorfulsparklesplz:

Prize 1 by Rhylem

Bullet; Blue 3 Kirby Clear Files

Bullet; Blue 1 Meta Knight/ Waddle Dee Coaster Set

Bullet; Blue 1 Meta Knight coin purse

Bullet; Blue 1 Meta Knight Magnet Figure

Bullet; Blue 3 Walking Figures (MK, Dedede, Kirby)

Bullet; Blue 3 Kirby Notepads

Bullet; Blue Kirby Magnets

Bullet; Blue 1 Meta Knight Triple Deluxe Keychain

Bullet; Blue 1 Kirby mini bag

Bullet; Blue 2 Packs of Kirby stickers

 VV Closeup of some of the items VV

14 by Rhylem

:bulletred: Meta Knight Magnet Figure


6 by Rhylem
:bulletred: Kirby/ Dee picnic Clear File


3 by Rhylem
:bulletblack: Kirby Cookie Clear File


4 by Rhylem
:bulletred: Waddle Dee Clear File


1 by Rhylem  3 3 by Rhylem
:bulletblack: Kirby Cookie Note Pad


2 by Rhylem 1 1 by Rhylem
:bulletred: Waddle Dee Note Pad


5 by Rhylem 2 2 by Rhylem
:bulletblack: Kirby/ Dee Note Pad


9 by Rhylem
:bulletblack: Kirby/Dee Picnic Mini Bag



Mini Crystal Meta Knight Puzzle if entries reach 20!

10 by Rhylem

*Please note that this prize will only be available if 15
entries are submitted as the prizes are quite expensive.

*Meta Knight mini Puzzle added if it reaches 20!

If not, the following first place prize will be offered below.


:star: Prizes :star:

:iconcolorfulsparklesplz:1st place::iconcolorfulsparklesplz:
-Alternative Prize-

-Soft Spoken Words- by RhylemShivers in Summer -Pic- by Rhylem Do you Long to be Left all Alone? by Rhylem.:Bate's Lullaby:. by Rhylem

:bulletpink: A drawing of a character in the style above. 

=Chibi Guardians= by Rhylem

:bulletyellow: A mini/chibi drawing in the style above.

:bulletpink: 3 month premium

:bulletyellow: Small RP session with one of
my characters. -Optional-

:bulletpink: 500 :points:


:iconbluesparklesplz:2nd Place::iconbluesparklesplz:
+15 Entry Prize

 Prize 2 by Rhylem


:bulletpink: 3 Kirby Clear Files

:bulletpurple: 1 Meta Knight/ Waddle Dee Coaster Set

:bulletpink: 500 points


:iconbluesparklesplz:2nd Place::iconbluesparklesplz:
-Alternative Prize-

:bulletpurple: 3 month premium 

:bulletpink: 500 points


:iconpurplesparklesplz:Third Place::iconpurplesparklesplz:
+15 Entry Prize 

Prize 3 by Rhylem

:bulletpink: 3 Kirby Notepads

:bulletpurple: 1 Meta Knight/ Waddle Dee Coaster Set

:bulletpink: 300 points


:iconpurplesparklesplz:Third Place::iconpurplesparklesplz:
Alternative Prize

:bulletblack: 1 month premium.

:bulletred: 300 :points:


:new:Runner Ups! :new:
+15 Entry Prize only!

Mkcookie by Rhylem

4 lucky runner ups will receive an adorable
Cookie Meta Knight for participating!

:star: Other :star:

-I come from a dog/cat friendly home.

-I will not be held responsible if you did not read
any of the information regarding prizes.

-Please note that cork isn't the best medium to use to
print images. The coasters are made of cork and
the images have slightly/will flake in time.

-The Magnet figure of Meta Knight is quite old and
does have a few minor scruffs on his armor.

:new: I do ship internationally to certain areas!
If you want more info regarding if you're eligible, please
feel free to note me so I can calculate the exact shipping cost.
If it's too expensive, I will have to decline, unfortunately. 

So, if you want a chance to win some awesome prizes,
just submit your entry on this journal or note me. x)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. <3

:star: Entries :star:

Fanfic Entries

  Fluffy Brainstorming*Spoilers for anyone who has not read Rhylem’s Guardian of the Stars p.12+*
“Come on, Kade, you can do it!” Ellie encouraged. It was a clear and sunny afternoon in Kalamari. Bate, Gordon, and Ellie were out in the yard with their 100-lings, Kade and Emma. The moment Bate set them down on the soft grass, much against Ellie’s wishes for fear of them getting sick or dirty, Kade began to toddle. Emma tried to follow her brother, but felt better being held by their mother instead. Perhaps, in a few days, she will try again.
“Bate, make sure he doesn’t fall backwards.” Ellie warned as Kade paused to gather his bearings. “Don’t worry, I’m right behind him. Unless he falls forward… do you think we should pillows over the lawn? I don’t want him to get hurt.” Ellie wanted to roll her eyes. Sometimes, her husband can be more overprotective than she could ever be. “Hopefully, he will do more good t
     Bound by Spirit 
*Slight Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read past Rhylem’s Pitch Me a Melody. Go read that first then come back here if you want*
    “You go talk to him, Arthur. You know him the best!” “No, you do it, Dragato! He won’t listen to me! He never listens!” Arthur retaliated in irritation. “Quit being so stubborn Arthur! Haven’t you noticed him being, well, NOT Meta?! I’ve never seen him so upset!” Arthur rolled his eyes and waved him off. “He’s probably mad about some prank Falspar pulled or something! He’s such a crybaby, you know how he is!” Dragato frowned and sat on the steps of the porch, staring off into the hill on the distance.
     It was a cloudy, yet starry, night, and he could barely make out the navy blue figure on the summit. Ever since the forest was closed off for reasons they were never informed of,

                                          Bound by Spirit (Picture) by Banjomon

                                            Illustration for said piece.


Art Entries

  Snow Day by Banjomon     It's Mine!!! by Banjomon In the Fallen Snow by Banjomon   

 Just Like Me... by TheElbowKnight     Snow bird by TheElbowKnight         Kalmari Charms?? Epic Yarn Series by stardust155  

Updates 'n Stuff


Before you ask!
...Sorry, I don't RP. by StampsByNeekko No Requests by Enjoumou Closed Comms by Enjoumou

Commission info-


-To have only as much as you can hold,
makes those few things worth more than gold-


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CelestiaDragonKnight Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hey there! I just found your gallery and I just wanted to tell you that your stuff is amazing! You have an amazing style and your characters all look awesome and interesting! Can't wait to dive into your comics! ^_^
Hope you have a good day!
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kemo5791 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hello. Rhylem! I've recently stumbled upon your account on Pixiv and became enthralled by your entertaining complex story about the untold legend of Meta Knight. 
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LoneLS Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just realized your tagline referenced a line of Nova's dialogue in Kirby Super Star >u<
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poopdeer7 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015  Student Artist
Hey I drew you a little something owo hope you like it, I tried my best.
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