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May 4, 2013
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.:Unexpected Company:. by Rhylem .:Unexpected Company:. by Rhylem


-Age 400-

"Oh, I remember you. You're that annoying brat who colored all over my face when I took care of you and your pesky friends.

Ramset was less than amused. He didn't particularly care for the hoard of Puffballs who took refuge in his town. Bate was enough, but now he has to deal with 5 more of them? He scoffed at the idea of the brats being raised here. Sure, Kalmari is a peaceful place to live, but having a bunch of newborns wasn't his idea of "peace.” He looked back at the Puffball and annoyingly rolled his eyes.

"Well, what in Nova do you want? Don't expect me to play with you, because you lost that chance 2 years ago."

The tiny Puffball just stared at him.

"Hm?" Ramset waved his hands in front of its face when it didn't respond. He observed the Puffball for a few more minutes before finally realizing that it didn't know how to talk yet. Ramset slapped his forehead and started to mumble to himself.

"Oh, jeeze, this thing seriously doesn't know how to talk yet?!! Great, just great."

Ramset stood up and started to pace around the Puffball. "Ah...let's see, I think your name was...Nonsurat? Wait, no...Falspar? No, that wasn't it...."

He crossed his arms and sighed. "All of you look alike, how am I expected to know all of your names?"


Ram stopped pacing when he heard the tiny voice. "What did you say?"

The tiny Puffball tried his best to repeat what he said to the figure in front of him. "Dwa..gaw...toh."

Ramset lightly laughed when he heard him trying to pronounce its name. "Ah, yes, that was your name. Dragato."

Dragato smiled and nodded. The Puffball glanced at the Sasuke and pointed at him. "W..wamset..."

"Huh?" Ramset pointed to himself, "How'd you know my name?" He took a seat across from him .

"There's no way you could've remembered my name....I mean, that's impossible, right?"

Dragato didn't respond.

Ramset sighed and turned away from the puffball.

"Whatever,'s not like you're going to remember me later on." He gazed at the sky. "Even if I do train you when you're older, I bet you'll just see me as another stranger when we meet."

Dragato just kept staring at him.

"Why am I even talking to you anyways? Why don't you just leave me alon-OOOOUCH!!!!"

Ramset yelled out in pain when he felt something yank on his hair. "Darn it, you stupid brat!!!" He grabbed his pony tail and glared at the now laughing Puffball.

"What, you think that was funny? He shouted. "Well, it wasn’t!! How would you like it if I yanked on your hair?!"

Dragato just kept laughing at the flustered Sasuke.

Ramset, finally defeated, sat back down and covered his face with his gloves. "Stupid kid...." He looked at his ponytail one last time before shoving it inside his hat. "Now you won't be able to touch my hair again, runt."


Time Skip -Age 1,000-

Ramset glanced at his new apprentices, Dragato and Falspar.

"Alright!" He shouted and pointed to the Puffballs. "You, the one with the hair, come help me demonstrate this."

Both of the Puffballs looked at one another before Dragato raised his hand. "Ummmm, Teacher Ramset...we both have hair."

Ramset rolled his eyes. "Fine, the one with the stupid looking hair."

Dragato looked at Falspar and vice versa. "Ummm...t-that doesn't....really help. "

"Besides," Dragato murmured, "Your hair is just as stupid as ours."

Ramset dropped his weapon and locked eyes with Dragato. "What did you just say?"

The tiny Puffball bit his tongue and started to back away from him. "I..I mean...I didn't...I, erm...that wasn't what I meant to say."

The Sasuke shook his head. "No, that's not what I mean." He walked towards his frightened apprentice. "How did you know I have hair? I've never taken my hat off in front of you brats."


Unlike Meta, Dragato never spent time with his past teachers. He and the other three never shared such a bond like Meta and Bate. Dragato can't even fathom how he could've known about his mentor's hair just now. He was just as shocked as Ramset when he was asked about it. He tried to think about past events between him and Ramset, but nothing came up. He looked at Ramset before softly mumbling an apology.

"I...I'm sorry, but I don't remember."

Dragato could've sworn he saw a look of disappointment on his mentors face, but he turned around before he could take a second glance.

"Oh, well, it's okay." He laughed a bit. "It’s not like I remember either."

He picked up his fallen weapon and faced the two again.

"Anyways....I think we could call it a day. Come back tomorrow and we'll continue class." He slowly walked away from the pair, and headed towards Kalmari Forest.

Dragato and Falspar didn't speak until their mentor was out of eye and ear range.

"Well, that was weird." Falspar mumbled.

"I know...we just started class 5 minutes ago."

Shhh....Ramset's gonna sulk for a bit.

Just something I wrote up yesterday, 'cause I felt like I shouldn't just have Meta/Teacher bonding all the time. =A= So yeah, have some Dragato/Ram. =P

Pssst, now you know why Rammy hides his hair. :XD:

Species/Dragato/Meta© Nintendo/ HAL Laboratory
Sir Ramset/Bate© =Rhylem
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Thank you, and yeah, that's the reason why he hides his hair. (Conceal, maybe?)
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